Cheshire Basements Branding Project

Cheshire Basements Branding Project

June 25th, 2019

Logo Design

The first task Cheshire Basements came to us with was a design for their logo. The red and blue strokes are designed to be reminiscent of a house with a below ground level. The strokes were initially made with a paint brush later to be scanned on to a computer & digitalised.

A successful logo will portray an idea/brand with minimal fuss, this design is a perfect example of this idea put into practice. It has lent itself to the website, vehicle graphics, work wear & business stationary seamlessly.

CB Lgo

Web Design

Now we had to build a website which was not only informative but showcased the work of the company in it’s best light.

A well designed fully responsive website is wasted without content, this is where our photographer comes in! Carl visited the sites of some of Cheshire basements recently completed projects & the website all of sudden came to life.

CB Web


Our client has a sense of humour & when proposed liked the idea of injecting this personality with a mascot & so ‘Dug’ was born!

 Cheshire Basements Mascot Design - 'Dug'

Vehicle Graphics

Below you can view all of the branding elements applied to their van.

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CB Van

A reflective detail was added to the vehicle graphics design, visible in the image below.

Cheshire Basements Van At Night